​​ Let Your Child Grow up Happy and Confident

​Our children are a gift to this world!

​Hi, My name is Isabelle Giroday and I have 3 XO Kids™, each very different than the another 🙂

Our children are a gift to this world. Their differences are strengths that will be much needed in society and we should encourage them where they are at.

It struck me late that something was "different" with my son when he was almost 8.

As I gathered information on how to give my kids all they need to thrive, I realized that there were a lot of other parents who also want to have more information to understand what's going on with their kids . (I even started to understand a thing or two about myself!)

And although there is a lot of information out there, it is not always easy to digest it, not to mention to use it in your busy every day life.

My project is to start a global information website to address these needs, and in as many languages possible, to make sure parents and their children, as well as teachers, and caregivers have all they need to understand how brilliant our XO kids are and how they too can help these kids thrive and enhance their innate abilities.

Please take this short survey! My intention ​is to better understand what your needs are so I can better meet them. Thank you very much for your valuable input, I appreciate it!

If you have not done so already, I hope you will join our Facebook Tribe: Facebook Group XO Kids.

This is a great place for all of us share tools, ideas and get support.

See you there 🙂 

Much love,

XO Isabelle

Stop The Stress, The Shame, The Guilt

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About Isabelle Giroday

Isabelle ​is a soul scribe and a truth seeker. To raise awareness about children that are “different”, she founded XOKid™.org.  A long-time journalist, Isabelle regularly contributes to various renowned media such as the Huffington Post and ​lends her communication and PR expertise to different causes. Read the full Story here...